Arcade Game Upright Junior with 60 Games

Arcade Game Upright Junior with 60 Games

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Riveting Competition for Rivalicious® Fans, Families,
Watch Parties, Tailgates, and Companies!


- Designed Like Original Arcade Upright from the 80's with a New Twist in a Junior Version

- Arcade Game Upright Junior - 60 Games

- State-of-the-Art Electronics with Commercial Quality Components  

- Protected with the Highest Quality Tempered Glass

- New 19" LED Monitor is Manufactured in Each Arcade Upright Junior

- Commercial 4-Way Arcade Quality Joysticks and Buttons

- Each Upright Junior Can be Customized on the Marquee', Front of Cabinet, or a Full Wrap

- 60-Game Collection is Pre-Loaded into the Arcade Game Upright Junior

- A Coin Door can be added to Accept Quarters

- Warranty: 1 Years Covering All Parts, Including Monitor & Game Board

- Product Weight: 140 lbs  

- Product Dimensions: 45.8" Height x 19" Width x 23" Depth 


The following popular Game Package is Pre-Loaded into the Arcade Game Upright, which can either Allow Free Play or Accept Coins.

60-Game Collection: 1942®, 1943®, 1943 Kai®, Amidar®, Arkanoid®, Bomb Jack®, Burger Time®, Centipede®, Congo Bongo®, Crush Roller®, Dig Dug®, Dig Dug 2, Donkey Kong®, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong Jr®, Frogger®, Galaga®, Galaga (Rapid Fire Mode)®, Galaga 3®, Galaxian®, Gunsmoke®, Gyruss®, Hustler®, JR Pac-Man®, JR Pac-Man (Fast Mode)®, Jumping Jack®, Juno First®, King & Balloon®, Ladybug®, Mappy®, Millipede®, Moon Cresta, Mr. Do®, Mr. Do's Castle®, Ms. Pac-Man®, Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)®, New Rally X®, Pac-Man®, Pac-Man Plus®, Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)®, Pengo®, Phoenix®, Pinball Action®, Pleiads®, Pooyan®, Qix®, Scramble®, Shao Lin's Road®, Space Invaders®, Space Panic®, Super Breakout®, Super Cobra®, Super Pac-Man®, Tank Battalion®, The End®, Time Pilot®, Van-Van Car®, Xevious®, & Zaxxon®


Fantastic Reviews!
"WOW! This item is even better than described. A+ Super Fast Delivery!"
"Awesome Game, Fast Shipment, Great Communication ... My Game Room is complete!"
"Fast delivery. Helpful getting game set up. Great experience!"


Arcade Game Upright Junior with 60-Game Collection - $2,495

(Optional) 3" Trackball (For Vertical Games Only) - $225

(Optional) Coin Door - $150

Customized Multicade Marquee' - $100

(Optional) - Customized Marquee' and Front of Cabinet - $150

(Optional) - Customized Marquee' and Full Wrap of Cabinet - $300

Commercial Buttons & Joystick - In Your Choice of Color: 
Red  /  Blue  /  Yellow  /  Black  /  White  /  Orange

Shipping - $400

* Arcade Game Upright Junior is also available in a solid black cabinet *


If you have any additional questions or would like to place an order,
please call Passionately Rivalicious at 1-888-451-4781 or email us at

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